Services and Pricing

by Nails Remodelled




This amazing system of nail extensions is my preferred and most requested service. As opposed to traditional acrylic or hard gel nails which require extensive filing to apply and remove, this system is completely removed by soaking the nails and wiping the softened gel off the nail bed in under 15 minutes.

The finished set of nails look and wear like acrylic nails but are completely made out of and applied with gel polish. They are pre-shaped to all different shapes, styles, and lengths so this eliminates excess dust and odour while applying and leaves no damage to the natural nail after soaking to remove.



Since Gel-X nails are so simple and quick to remove and apply,

a new set is done each time as opposed to a traditional “fill”

~ Any length or shape

~ One colour of gel polish

~ Cuticle clean-up and rose oil moisturizing

~ Acrylic overlay optional for extreme wear +$10

~Nail art is extra. Prices are listed below~



Below is the pricing for my Sculpted Acrylic Nails.

I only use the advanced technique of sculpting nails as opposed to the commonly used method of gluing on plastic tips. Sculpting directly onto the nail bed perfectly forms to the nail bed allowing for a perfect fit, better adhesion, stronger nails and a set that looks perfect for weeks without lifting.



Basic set of sculpted acrylic nails. Service includes:

~ Short natural shape

~ One colour of gel polish

~ Cuticle clean-up and rose oil moisturizing

~Additional length, different shapes and nail art are add-ons and prices are listed below~


A fill entails adding acrylic to the area that has grown out between the cuticle and previously laid acrylic. Service includes:

~ Reshaping and smoothing out the nail

~ Applying a fresh coat of gel polish

~ Cuticle clean-up and rose oil moisturizing

Gel Polish Manicure ~ $45

Gel polish over natural nails. Can be a simple one colour or a detailed design. Basic service includes:

~ One colour of gel polish – nail art may be added on- prices below

~ Shaping of natural nails to consistent length

~ Cuticle care and moisturizing



Go beyond basic. Add glitter, watercolour, Swarovski Crystals, rose gold chrome, marbling, quartz, patterns, or whatever else you can think of.

So bring some ideas or let me create something unique just for you. Nail art is my specialty and I love creating little works of wearable art!

$2.50 per nail $15 per set

~ 1 Extra Colour of Gel Polish

~ 1 Extra Colour of Glitter

$5 per nail $20+ per set

~ 2 or More Colours of Gel Polish

~ Marble or Quartz

~ Glitter Ombre Fade

~ 1 type of Pigment / Foils / Flakes / Holograph

~ Simple Hand Painted Art

$10+ per nail $30+ per set

~ Detailed Hand Painted Nail Art

~ Gel Polish Ombre

~ 3+ Colours of Glitter and Polish




Specialty Shape ~ Coffin, Almond, Oval, Rounded +$10

Would you like to try a trendy coffin or almond style? Crazy stiletto? Or maybe a simple oval or rounded tip. Change up your shape and length to switch up your look.

Removal ~ $25 alone or $10 pre-set

Properly removing nails takes time. Acrylic and gel doesn’t wreck your nails. Improper use of tools and rushed removal does. Taking time to file the product off carefully and avoiding filing into the nail bed leaves your nails strong even after years of wearing nails.

Repairs ~ $10 per nail past 1 week of service

Treat your nails like jewels and not tools and they should stay nice and strong for weeks


In order to create the best classic french or french fade manicure, I sculpt the tip using white or coloured acrylic instead of simply painting the nail with polish.

This method keeps the white bright and the colour rich while ensuring a crisp tip for a classic french and a seamless fade for ombre.

Classic French Tips ~ $20

French Fade Ombre ~ $25